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This year I’ve got my crap together for the Chupa.  Goals?  None…other than making sure the 29er is comfortable enough for the Zuni 86.  Just have a good time and ride fast.  The best I’ve done was 10th, but it’s a different race now.  Big teams with the fast Central and South Americans combined with a few old pros from the north, and it’s a freakin’ burner.  Since it has so much flat road, I can’t really call it a mountain bike race.  If you can run fast and pin it into the wind with a train of 80 or so riders, you’ll have a good race.  If not, you’re back there with the other 2, 420 or so. 

My first year I finished 50th or something.  I had a huge hole in my knee and a pretty good tear in my achillis tendon.  I rode with Jen most of the race and had a great time.  Since then I’ve pinned it to stay at the front and I usually finish with my legs cramping severely.  This year I just want to finish strong and have fun.  Maybe 50th won’t seem so bad. 

Tinker is supposed to come back after getting his butt kicked last year.  It’s supposed to be hot on race day, so maybe he’ll do well as he is a skinny dark skinned guy with a much more equatorial genotype than a gringo like me.

UTEP is finally getting a club together that may one day morph into a cycling team.  Some of my younger classmates stepped up as leaders and formed the Miner Endurance Training and Sports Club.  So far we have about 5 runners, 4 roadies, 2 mountain bikers, and a couple of tri-geeks.  We are starting our recruiting drive this week.  If you know anyone that goes to UTEP and is into those obscure outdoor endurance sports, have them contact me.

 Unless something strange happens this week, don’t expect another post until after Chupa.