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It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a night ride.  It’s mainly because the lights I own are all about 10 years old.  They suck, they are heavy, their burn times are unpredictable, and I just got tired of dealing with them. 

Last week I figured I’d better get some new lights as we are going to be doing lots of ridiculously long rides that may either start way before the sun comes up or finish after the sun goes down.  I found a sweet deal on the Princeton Tech lights and bought two sets of the Switchback 2’s.  They aren’t the brightest, but they get good reviews and they have all the accessories including a car charger.  Princeton Tech is most famous for making deep water dive lights.  People’s lives depend on those things, so I figured the quality would be evident…and it is.  Solid wiring connections, heavy duty cables, big buttons, and sweet enclosures for the bulbs.  The battery is pretty light and the burn time is long.

I woke up (naturally – no alarm) at 3:45 am and was on the bike in less than 10 minutes.  I rode the trails behind the house for an hour before breakfast, then it was on to a big day on the trails with Jen.  On the way up the climb I saw what looked like reflective signs, but I knew there were no signs up there.  Finally they moved.  There were 3 mule deer and they were big.  Their eyes reflect brighter than any animal eyes I’ve ever seen…and I used to shine deer in South Carolina with one of those big ass police spotlights.  Little white tail don’t have anything on mulies.  I also 2 fox, one of which I got a decent pic of with my phone. 

This guy sat there staring at me for about 5 minutes then finally got up and walked TOWARD me.  He looked at me and steered clear as he walked past.  Trippy. 

School’s out!  Summer of Fun IV has officially begun.  We’ll be on the road June 11!