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The way it’s looking lately, I’m gonna say yes. 

I got a comment on the term “hundie” for 100 mile mtb races and was told to call them “dirty centuries”.  Well, I’m not going to call them that either.  I think 1900 to 1999 will become known as the dirty century as we progressed with the industrial revolution to the automobile.  Pollution will sure to be the highest in the 20th century because we are seeing the decline of oil in this century.  A decline in oil and its use will clean this century up for sure.

Back to the magazines…..

Another reason I don’t like the term dirty century is because of Bicycling Magazine…I’m going to call it BM because you can read the whole thing in one sitting.  If you have ever experienced a year of a Rodale Press publication such as BM, you know that a year is all you need.  You second year will be the same as the first.  Same “Hot Tech Tips” and “How to Get Faster” articles year after year.  So after reading Harlan Price’s report on being interviewed by the fine writers at BM, I’m definitely not going to call a 100 MTB ride a dirty century.  You can read Harlan’s report here:

And have you checked out this month’s Dirt Rag?  Man it’s a lame one.  I usually devour the Rag.  I hope this month is just  a fluke.  My main complaint is the report on the 650b bike and the haphazard review of the Felt FS bike.  A new wheel “standard” is going to really confuse the regular customer.  If the 650b takes off, then I hope to see the end of the 26″ very soon.  First time customers are already confused about the 29er.  I think it would be to a shops advantage to make sure their entry level bikes are 29ers and the only 26″ bikes on their floor should be a couple top end rigs and really small 26″ entry level bikes.  But I again digress.

Blogs today do a good job of allowing us to express ourselves to people that we don’t know.  Much like magazine editors and their writers do from print journalism.  As a fairly new blogger, I hope I can stay focused on my main topic of mountain biking.  I’m sure I’ll stray here and there, but I’ll do my best to stick to writing about trails, big wheels, riding, fitness, traveling to trails to do rides on big wheels to stay fit, and occasionally I’ll pick on those who annoy me.