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Pray that no creature ever chews through the main wiring harness of your vehicle.  Especially if it’s a newer vehicle.  Yes….I’m still waiting on our truck to get fixed.  As you can see from the pic below, there were quite a few wires in that harness.  I probably could have reconnected them all myself, but it’s 100+ outside.  I was also hoping that my dealer would be willing to find a harness from a salvage yard, but they wouldn’t go for that.  So instead of paying $1900 for a new harness and waiting for about a month to get it, I let them repair it.

Turns out that when everything was chewed up, a bunch of fuses blew.  Then, when I tried to start it, I blew more fuses and reprogrammed the main computer as well as burned out the neutral safety switch.  Not good.  So we are still waiting.  Friday.  Still waiting.

I guess that’s the downside to electronics.  While they help our lives in so many ways, they can leave you in a pickle when they get messed up.  As a former electronics guy in the military, I learned enough to do quite a bit with electronic hardware stuff.  If I had an airconditioned garage, I would have been able to fix the wiring harness.  I would not have been able to reprogram the computer or find out what other funky codes may been showing up on a diagnostic system. 

Speaking of electronics….seems I’ve put some people up in arms about my comments regarding power meter screenshots.  I really wanted to focus more on people’s subtle cries for help that they post on their blogs.  If you aren’t racing well, and you are having dietery problems, or you are overtraining, or you are trying to mix up too much intensity when you are focusing on endurance events, or you think you are overtrained but you are really undertrained…..and you have a coach, it’s probably in your best interest to keep it on the downlow.  It’s definitely not going to help your coach any by telling people you are dead tired and can’t turn the pedals over. 

These cries for help are not entertaining.  Jen tells me to never comment.  “Let them flounder,” she says.  Hell.  We did our share of floundering that’s for sure.  But we never paid anyone to tell us what to do either.

I guess it takes time to find yourself, your limits, your favorite foods, your favorite bike position, and whatever else makes you fast.  Hopefully you will do your best to have fun.  Losing is not fun.  Not achieving your goals is not fun. 

I’m not sorry if I insulted anyone.  I do hope that my comments help you realize just how petty competition is.  Our world is changing quite rapidly now.  Racing will soon be only for the really wealthy or the ones that know the really wealthy.  Those days of loading up the VW bus with a couple friends, a bag of weed, enough energy bars for the weekend, and just enough money to cover gas and race entry are long gone.  The lowest payout isn’t going to get you back home.  The highest may only get you halfway home or to the next race.  Free underground racing will take over, but there will not be any $$$ involved.

Soon (and I mean in a few years) we will ALL be commuting regularly by bicycle.  It’s going to be tough.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all of us.


Today was my 38th birthday.  I enjoyed my morning by rallying the Moto-lite to school.  It was already about 85 on my way in.  I found a pretty good sized concrete roller jump that I like to hit every morning.  It’s definitely a highlight of the morning.  This morning I got chased about a quarter mile by a chihuahua.  I tried to take a picture of it, but it didn’t save to my phone……

I also tried to take a picture of the $4.59 diesel price at one of the stations I passed on the way in.  I pass 6 gas stations on my way to work.  They aren’t nearly as busy as they used to be.  In fact, it seems that people are waiting to the last drop to refill.  I should have taken a pic of the guy getting his car pushed into one of the stations this afternoon.

One of my students asked me why I would ride my bike to school on my birthday.  What an idiot.  These kids are in a totally different world.  Most of their parents can barely afford the car.  83% of my students are on free or reduced lunch, but well over 50% have cell phones.  The good thing is that probably less than 50% of the students at my school get taken to school by their parents.  Most live within walking distance.  They would never ride a bike though.  That’s what poor people do.  And they would rather push their freakin’ car to the gas station to fill it back up than ride a bike.

Times are changing much more quickly than most people realize.  Here are a few of my predictions:

1.  By summer of ’09, cheap gas will be $6 a gallon.

2.  Food prices will be about 15% higher by summer ’09.

3.  Fewer than 30% of the students at my school will have cell phones next year due to the fact that their parents will not be able to afford them.

4.  Crime rates in Northeast El Paso will will double by summer ’09.  This will be due to gas theft, car jackings, muggings, and petty theft so people can buy more gas.

5.  Bike thefts….something that is almost unheard of around here (this is due to the fact that riding a bike makes you look poor and most people are too lazy or scared to ride one)….will increase significantly by summer ’09.  The local bike shops here don’t get their sweet bikes stolen.  They get their office broken into and ransacked until they find the money drawer with a couple hundred dollars in it.  Never mind that $5,000 Trek Madone or $6,000 Titus Carbon Racer-X.  Petty thieves are pretty clueless on that stuff around here.

Those are just a few things I think will start to become more common.  It will actually be a good thing if bikes become a commodity in this town.  What the dirt poor don’t realize is that walking is for chumps.  If they were smart they would have cobbled together the junk parts from all those shitty Mongoose walmart christmas bikes and made something that would have at least gotten them to the bus stop.

Mr. President….the Saudis CAN’T pump oil faster.  They are pumping it as fast as they can.  And only a fool would sell it for less and try to produce less.  If I owned an oil field, I wouldn’t sell any of it yet.  I’d wait a couple more years for it to hit about $300 a barrel.  Then I’d sell it.  Of course, our government would probably spend about $250 a barrel to steal that $300 barrel via a war (theft) for my oil.

Hell yeah I rode my bike to work today…and it hit 101 degrees.  It was my birthday!  Why would I want to drive my car on my birthday?  What fools!  Screw all of you stupid fools for thinking that those of us who ride a bike to work are “crazy”.  Putting that gas pump in that dirty little hole in your car and driving all about town at $3.65 for the cheep stuff…….that’s crazy.


Last night I remember pulling blankets out from under the dog so I could keep warm.  Jenn had warned me that we may have rain, but I was skeptical.  Lots of clouds have passed us since Thanksgiving, and none have given us any moisture.

Not that this storm gave our yard much moisture, but it was absolutely one of the best days in May that we’ve ever had!  It never got much over 65 today and the sun was nowhere to be seen.

These pics are from the morning dog walk…..

I think Luna is wondering what those big grey things are up there.  It’s 6:30 am and I’m usually sporting sunglasses.

Jen ended up riding right through that baby on her way to school!  She called me to let me know she got soaked on her way in.  She was really excited about it, but bummed she didn’t have fenders.

After school we went up to Heinrich and took some single track up to the Tin Mine loop.  This is where the new trail from the loop up to the windmill will start.  It’s going to work it’s way around the contour and should provide an excellent adventure for the El Paso mountain biker.  I can’t wait to start working on this puppy!

This is the first one of these we’ve seen this season.  It’s our state reptile.  Last year I remember hauling butt near the same area and seeing a big rock in the trail.  Right about the time I was going to steer around it, it split up and ran off in two directions.  The rock was actually two horny toads who were quite horny and decided to copulate right in the middle of the trail.  I still haven’t figured out quite what to do to get them to bleed from their eyes.  I’m not sure I’m willing to torment one enought for that to happen.

Black Tailed Rattlesnake

This is a black tailed rattlesnake I saw on my way home the other day.  It had been smushed by a car and then someone took its rattles.  This sucker is about 3′ long.  These are the typical sized snakes I’ve been seeing on the trail.  These guys are much friendlier than the Western Diamondbacks and the Mojaves, so seeing them on the trails will scare you, but not totally freak you out the way the others will.  Jenn rolled up on a huge diamondback about a month ago.  It coiled back into a strike position.  Luckily they don’t want to bite us.  And fortunately that big fellow had a rattle left to let us know he was there.

The rain we’ve been getting will keep these guys fat for the winter.  I dread next year.  There are going to be some huge ones out here.  Hopefully the hawks, owls, and eagles will help thin them out.

Sad for this snake.

What is it with motorcyclists?  I sweat my ass off truly saving gas and CO2 emissions as well as keeping my body in decent physical condition while commuting around this dirt hole town.  Motorcyclists think they have some sort of spiritual bond with me.  They always wave and honk and stuff like they are “down” with me or something.   What’s up with that?

 Get a clue moron….you have a motor.  You are a fat ass.  Any moron can twist a throttle.  I burn calories….not fossil fuels.  I have to deal with people who think I don’t belong on the road.  I ride in all conditions, except when we get those insane wind storms that will literally blow you off the road.

I tried the moto thing once.  I had a nice Kawasaki KLR 650.  It was a big ass dual sport that would easily cruise at 70 or 80 with the wife on the back….on dirt roads.  I got it to save time commuting to the military post when I was active duty.  That was dumb.  The inspection lines are so long, you end up idling with hundreds of other cars….polluting away….waiting to get through the gate.  I decided to ditch that idea, sold the bike, and started bike commuting pretty religiously.  I was able to run red lights with impunity and roll to the front of the inspection lines, sometimes beating my neighbors onto post when they left their house the same time I did.

I have no problem with motorcyclists.  It is a blast for sure.  Just don’t wave at me like I’m your blood brother or homie or whatever.  You are a lazy bastard….I’m working my belly off.