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Here are some things I’d like to sell off before the little one comes.

Spot Belt Drive Kit – great condition w/ about 100 off-road miles.  39×24.  Newest setup with guides on both sides of the rear pulley.  $150.

Magura Hugin Rear Shock.  “Short shock” 6.5×1.5 .  Used on Titus Racer-X 29er for 3 rides.  $150

WTB Rocket-V Race – Ti Rail – White.  Used twice.  $50.

Shimano XT clipless pedals – brand new in box – $75.

Niner SS Cog – 22 t – Brand new. $30

Will possibly trade for the following:  Crank Brother’s Egg Beater SL pedals, WTB Silverado Saddle.

WTB just sent me and Jen a small quiver of tires which should hold us through most of the race season as long as we don’t cut any sidewalls. 

 wtb quiver

For training they hooked us up with some Stouts.  Ooof.  Those bad boys weigh in at almost a full kilo.  They are just over 900 g.  The knobs are big and fat.  I’m interested to see how they’ll do in our rocky terrain.


They also sent a couple pair of Prowlers.  At first I was skeptical from what I had seen on their website.  They just have drawings on the website this year and the Prowler looked really knobby.  But they aren’t.  The knobs are siped and pretty low profile.  They weigh in just over 700. 


The other tires they sent were the Vulpines.  I’m a huge fan of the Nanoraptor, so I wasn’t too sure about the Vulpines headed my way.  These babies are light at just under 600 g.  The knob pattern will be a fast one for sure, but since they are so low profile I’m going to save them for the marathon at Nova….then I’ll post a report.


I haven’t mounted any tires yet as I still have decent rubber on my training tires right now.  My next race isn’t until March and I’ll be riding the Weir Wolves on the SS on the same course as the Puzzler.  Maybe I’ll throw on a pair of the Prowlers.  They look killer.  Aramid beads and “race” logos on the side.  The sidewalls are thin and light and the rubber is sticky.  Thanks WTB for the help.