Short track racing in Fontana California

Pushing 40…..and loving it….I can’t seem to give up the world of bicycle racing.  I’m married to psuedosuperstar mtb single speeder Jennifer.  She’s a super hero, middle school teacher (severe special ed), and an amazingly gifted cyclist who seems to kick even more ass on one gear than multiples.

After attending graduate school at UTEP studying exercise physiology,  I decided to do  get certified to teach high school science after selling my soul to uncle sam and contributing my skills to the greatest terrorist network in the world…the US Army.  Glad that crap is over with.  I milked my GI Bill dry and really enjoyed getting back into education.  So now I’m teaching at a high school near my home…..and I never finished that master’s degree.

My mountain bike resume is pretty deep:

1983 – Traded in sweet all chrome Hutch Pro Racer BMX bike for brand new Stumpjumper Sport.  Bullmoose bars, bear trap pedals, and sweet Suntour friction shifting.

1984 – Rode in the Smokey Mountain National Park before it was illegal.  Hung out in Tsali when there was one other mountain bike in town.

1988-92 – Got some sort of college degree from the University of Tennessee.  I thought I was going to be a track (running)  star but ended riding my bike too much.  Worked in a bike shop.  First race in ’89.  Helped start the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club.

’93-2000 – Lived the bum life in Salt Lake City.  Skied the hell out of the Wasatch on free heels.  Rode my brains out whenever possible.  Started racing again when I met Jen. 

2000-04 – A stint with the US Army as a 33W.  I was trained to fix anything.  Sucks because now I never trust anyone to work on anything I own.  Electronics was the specialty, but once you learn that stuff, everything else is super easy.  I like working on my truck and rv.  And working on bikes is just second nature.  I like to build bike wheels too.

Presently I’m a science teacher.  I’m the president of the Borderland Mountain Bike Association and race director for the El Paso Puzzler.

I’ve got an awesome dog that sucks on the trail cause she’s slow.  But she’s a sweetheart.