Jen and Connor are visiting Grandma in the great white north of Utah, so I’m going to make a big mess of the house, leave the toilet seat up, and eat crumbly foods on the couch.  I also plan to make some more bike bags, a backpack for Connor, do some bikepacking, and work on the Caribou. 

It looks like pretty good weather, so I’ll test out my new Montbell 30 deg down bag.  I’ve never owned a down sleeping bag, and I’m pretty stoked at how small it compresses.  If I can get my bag, bivy, and pad to less than 5 lbs total and have it on the bars, I’ll be g2g for AZT and CTR.  Now I need to figure out how to set up my lights so the bar bags don’t cast a shadow.  I figure I’ll ride about 4 hours a night on AZT so I’ll only need two batteries if I’m out there 2 nights.  Things are finally coming together.  If my Montbell UL down jacket comes next week, I’ll test it out next Friday.