This year’s Puzzler came together really late in regards to sponsorship.  The El Paso Convention and Visitor’s Bureau picked us up just before Christmas.  This has brought about a bit more PR than we normally get.  It will be interesting to see how it affects turn out.  We’ve got some great new trail that we finally buffed out on Sunday.  We were a bit concerned about that as well.  Stan’s and WTB are back on with us….they hoped back on at the last minute as well….last week.

I spent 2 days in a row signing the east side of the mountain.  Signage is stellar!  Daniel Horsch from the CVB joined me for the first couple hours of marking course.  He took some video.  Not all of it is totally accurate.  He says riders from as far away as Utah are coming.  Nobody from Utah has signed up yet, but we’ve got 2 from Wisconsin and 6 from Louisiana who are registered  I think WI is a bit further of a drive than Utah….though I haven’t mapped it.

He also states something about riders taking home $400.  The men’s and women’s 50 mile winners will take home $400 plus some prizes.

Here’s the video.

Our payout is pretty good.  Our trails are awesome!  Our sponsors are on board.  Our cooks are making huge batches of chili.  Now it’s the weather that has me nervous.  This is the first year we’ve even bothered to come up with a back up plan for the weather.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  If we get nothing but a bit of rain and snow, we’ll roll on.  A lot of rain and snow and we may still roll but offer a bailout plan for those who don’t want to start.  If the winds are exceptionally high and the snow starts to accumulate, then we may make some course adjustments. We’ll see.  May the stars align for us!