We purchased ourselves a Weehoo for Christmas and Connor digs it, but the back of the seat pushes his helmet forward down over his eyes.  I look back and he’s hanging on to the handles, but he can’t see shit.  So I made this pad that comes up to his shoulders. I haven’t tried it with him, but I’m hoping it puts him forward just enough to give his helmet some space.  If anything, it will just give him more cushioning and keep him a bit cooler in the hot months.

It’s got 2 layers of foam, 1″ of open cell and 1/2″ of closed cell.  The air mesh is really nice.  It’s fun to work with because it has a bit of stretch and makes the cushion look really smooth and comfy.

The Weehoo is a tank, but it rolls nicely.  The wheelbase is a mile freakin’ long, so no switchbacks with this beast.  That’s ok.  Riding is riding.  And riding with the kid is awesome!