If you were to take a look in my garage, you’d think I was preparing for the apocalypse.  I have lots of hobbies.  It almost sucks having hobbies that are so gear intensive.  My reloading bench is a mess, my bike work bench and tool box are a wreck.









And now that I have this thing……..








I’m going nuts trying to make these things.










I have successfully mastered the covered zipper.  Not that I’m worried that much about waterproofness as these bags are for desert use.  The flap keeps out dirt and just plain looks great.  With 1000d cordura, the main frame bag should last a while.  I’m really pleased how it turned out.  I used a piece of coroplast on the section above the downtube to help it keep it’s shape better.  This is v.3 for this bike and I’m sticking with this one.  I think I’ll even throw in some grosgrain around the exposed edges on the inside to make it last.









Now it’s time to test out the new/used Gogo and get ready for a bikepacking trip.