My scanner/copier/printer really surprised me with the quality.  It’s fun finding old prints.  Now I want to buy a digitizer for negatives.  I’ve got a stack of negatives in there and somewhere in that stack is the awesome photo of the giant wet beaver I photographed in Idaho.  That print brought lots of laughs.

Here are some more shots from back in the day.

This me, my family and my '83 Stumpjumper Sport

I got this bike on a trade in for an almost new Hutch Pro Long BMX bike.  I had gotten the Hutch stolen and while I was waiting on insurance money, I grew about 4 or 5 inches.  So I traded it for one of the 3 mountain bikes in the shop.  The other 2 were the Stumpjumper Pros that my mom and dad bought a few weeks later. 
My mom and dad still have their’s.  Mine eventually broke.
Check out the length of those chainstays.