My brother and I went back to our mom’s place a couple weeks ago for her husbands funeral.  We spent quite a bit of time going through a huge box of photos.  I brought home only a few.  There are more.  Enjoy.

That’s me with my cousin Tammy.  We are both 4 years old.  Notice I don’t have any training wheels and she does.  That’s my brother Paul in the background.  This is 1974.


Safety First!


This bike I got for my 4th Christmas before my 5th birthday.  So Christmas 1974.  Notice the flag…on the front wheel.   What was up with that?  Quite a feat to ride no handed on that!  It’s got a horn as well, but I have no helmet.

This is from the South Carolina 1980 State Championships.  As you can see, cycling wasn’t that popular.  I was the only midget class racer.  I was riding a 24″ wheeled Gitane.  It was way too small, but midget racers had to ride smaller wheels.  That’s my dad to the left of me.  I’m on the far right.

Here’s me and my dad at a road crit in Asheville, NC.  It must have been around 1981 cause I’m on the Raleigh International that still hangs in my mom’s garage.  My dad is on a Raleigh Pro.  I think he rolled a tire in this race.

I’ll post more another day.