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This past summer was a whirlwind.  Life was much more cramped with Connor.  Our RV seemed so small.  Of course now I’m shopping for a 5th wheel.  A 5th may limit where we go, but I think it will free us up to do more things that were kind of a pain in the ass to do with the camper on the truck. 

I had a decent summer of racing with only one weekend off.  SS racing only, I finished 6th at Marathon Nats, 7th at XC nats, and won a handful of New Mexico races as well as a Winter Park Series race. 

The mosquitoes were probably the worst part of the summer and we didn’t see much relief from them until the latter half.  New Mexico was pretty nice our last two weeks other than being a bit hot.

Connor doubled in mass the two months we were gone and he’s so big you’d think he’d be able to at least crawl.  But being only almost 4 months old he can barely sit up yet.  He’s a hoss.

I broke the Superfly 100 the second week of the summer and it took up space in my trailer since a replacement isn’t getting to me until this week.  What a bummer.  I spent a bit of time doing a lot of part switching so I’d have a suspended SS bike yet be able to have some gears during the week.  No biggie, just time consuming and disappointing since I broke that bike 3 times.

Our worst night in the RV was the last week in the Gila.  We were camping up near Signal Peak and we got infested by ants.  I did a rapid packing job and headed to town for traps, spray, and a hotel room.   Connor slept through the whole thing and woke up in the hotel room with a funny look on his face.  Luckily they didn’t bite…..just creepy crawly.

Coming home was a shocker as the first week I worked my ass off in an unairconditioned classroom getting it ready for the school year.  Our swamp cooler at home had a broken pump which I was able to fix easily.  But it was so hot and humid that the house barely got below 80.  Yesterday it was like someone flipped a switch and we have beautiful cool weather!

Anyway, I’ll post some more specific stuff as time passes to share some adventures from the summer.