I was pretty disappointed in the scheduling of all the mountain bike stage races in the lower 48 this summer.  Breck Epic changed its date to the first week of school.  Transylvania announced its date which is before school lets out.  I don’t want to do BC because it’s super expensive and the venue moves everyday.

I chose to enter Intermontane despite its horrible reviews from last year.  Evan Plews’ wife’s family owns a house in Kamloops so we had a place to stay.  Well, the bad reviews kept enough people from entering so yesterday it got cancelled. 

Now I need to focus on specific events.  The first is the birth of the boy which should be sometime this afternoon or evening.  Then I can start focusing on traveling and racing again. 

I’m really disappointed that there’s  not a stage race that fits my style, budget, or schedule this summer.  I really enjoyed the Breck Epic last year.  The single venue setup allowed Jen to be a great help the entire week.  I felt better everyday.  I could have continued on another week no problem. 

Oh well.  As long as I get my entry back from Intermontane, things will work themselves out.