The second year Stan made rims, Jen scored a set of wheels from him on a pro-deal.  They were pretty good wheels and definitely lighter than anything else out there. 

Back in ‘o7 when Jen won her first SS national title, we went to eat dinner with Mary McConneloug and Mike Broderick at their condo which was really a big house rented by Stan.  We had a blast with the gang there and Luna our dog was lavished with affection. 

Getting to know people helps with sponsorship.  I’ve never asked for much and the next year I was able to get some rims for free.  Last year nothing came even after making contact.  I didn’t want to seem like a pain in the ass, so I didn’t hassle them.  This year I need help with a little one on the way and my household income being cut in half.  So I’ve been hassling.  I wasn’t asking for much – just a pair of rims.

What showed up in the mail today?  Yay!  Not just a pair, but 2 pair.  And sealant too! 

Why not ask for wheels like everyone else?  Well, I’m getting some help from WTB this year.  So they make great hubs.  I have a set of new hubs and I really don’t like riding wheels that I didn’t build.  So now I get to build up a new set, break down an old set and rebuild them so I’ll have 2 sets of race wheels for the season.  That’s PRO!  Or at least grassroots pro.

Thanks Mike at Stan’s for the hook up.  Mike also helps get stuff to the Puzzler race as well.  Hopefully this relationship will continue….not necessarily for my personal sponsorship, but definitely for El Paso mountian biking.