A couple of weekends ago I shaved off the beard.

Well….part way.  I went all day Saturday and Sunday like this and I kept wondering why everyone I passed stared and smiled at me.  I felt like Col. Sanders.  Anyway, as I put the blade to my face, I thought to myself….watch it snow again.  Sure enough, last Tuesday…it snowed….again.  7th winter storm of the season.  Four was the record.

I ended up taking the entire layer off for school as I knew that just shaving in general would cause a fuss with my students.

Training is going well and school is mellowing out due to standardized testing preparation.  It’s sad how well our kids will prep for these tests but they won’t do regular school stuff at all.  Despite the frequent rain and wind storms, I’ve gotten in a bit more intensity and I’ve taken advantage of the secret motivation room.

Jen is getting big, but she’s still riding quite comfortably.  We were out at Heinrich on Sunday and a major storm rolled in.  I was pretty close to the parking lot, but she was up near the mountain!  I think she rode more than I did.  I ended up getting a second ride in that afternoon.  I’m glad I live near some dirt.

The season is approaching fast.  Coyote Classic is March 21.  I got shut out of the Gallup 12 hour.  That will keep me fresher for Socorro.  I’m hoping to go top 5 in the hill climb.