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We are still getting winter storms.  Last week we got our 5th of the season.  I saw drifts forming on north franklin peak.  The ranges to the north and northeast were completely covered.  It was an impressive sight.  We are expecting another storm tomorrow.  It’s cold enough to snow again.  I keep telling people we are going to get glaciation.

The Puzzler was a huge success!  We got 3 newspaper features in the EP Times.

If you can’t get these to enlarge, check out

I raced.  Not very well, but I gave it my all for 8th place overall.  I rode a new bike that didn’t quite fit. 

And I tried making it as light as possible with the biggest tires possible.  So I ran an XTR cassette, and it broke at mile 28.  Not fun at all especially since I started cramping at mile 25.  I was off my bike for over 20 minutes an nobody caught me. 

I’m not sure if it was the gears or the fit, but I really should not have raced that bike.

SSUSA is up next.  I’m hoping to get a set back post for the new bike and have a mount made for the MRP chain guide I ordered.  I’ll try to keep an update on the old blog.  I’ve been writing a lot for the Puzzler.  That’s over now.  It’s all about me for a while until junior pops out.