It’s tough on our dog here in the desert.  She’s a swimmer!  She loves hitting the creeks and ponds on our summer travels.  At the end of every summer the Mary Tobin Pool, not far from our house, opens up to dogs!  $2 and your dog can swim in the pool.  We took Luna down on Saturday for well over an hour of hard swimming.  Once she figured out the ramp, it was non-stop fetch time.  They even had a swim race.  Luna raced 5 other dogs.  It went a full 25 yards, but Luna couldn’t figure out how to jump in.  While all the other dogs were swimming away, I finally threw her in.  It took her a second to figure out what was going on, but with Jen on the other side calling her, she straightened out and started throwing a wake.  She caught all but 2 dogs to finish 3rd.  She got a cool little trophy and stuck around for the podium with the winner Peaches…who was owned by one of the skankiest lookin’ chics I’ve seen in a long time.













Today we went back down, but only had 10 minutes left to swim.  She showed every dog there how it’s done.  Jen threw the log out to the middle of the pool almost every time and she hauled butt fetching it back.  She continued to buffalo her way around on the ramp with little regard for other users.  We can’t wait for next year.

Dog Swim from David Wilson on Vimeo.