As a high school science teacher I’m constantly trying to get kids to measure things correctly….with both precision and accuracy.  I won’t go into the details on the differences….just think about the archery target and “groups”.  Most people who paid attention in math and science will remember that.

After packing up the Moto-Lite in a big, heavy duty Titus box, I measured everything and went online to get a quote.  I would have printed the invoice via Brown’s easy to use website, but I was unable to add “signature required at delivery” to my order.  So I took it down to my local UPS store where the guy quoted me about twice what I figured online.  He told me it was a bigger size than the price I had figured online.  I asked him what sizes he entered and he was 1″ off on the height, 31 instead of 30″.  I grabbed the box and put it on the floor.  I snatched his tape measure.  I put the tape next to the box and sure enough….29 3/4″.  I made him look at it.  I measured at 6 points all around the box.  All measurements were just under 30″.   New price was less than half what he quoted and right at what I calculated online.

Make sure you know how to make accurate and precise measurements.  It might cost you!