I guess you could call these blingy.  But at only $110 retail, does that qualify as bling?







You may remember my previous post on the M086.  They served me quite well this summer.  They were awesome during the Breck Epic which had numerous long hike-a-bikes.  The stiffness was perfect and the right amount of flex at the toe made them quite comfortable.

The downside…one of the velcro straps on my black ones broke…the day after the epic.  I was able to use duct tape to fix it.  I used the new Loctite brand Sumo tape.  That stuff is way better than standard duct tape.  I continued using the shoes the rest of the summer with no problems. 

At the beginning of the summer I ordered the above bronze colored shoe from the UK.  They finally showed up today!  I’ll have to take extra good care of these bad boys as I don’t think the Sumo tape comes in a bronzish gold color.  They’ll be my race shoes.

Anyway…I got on Facebook this week.  It’s a time waster for sure, but I think I can maintain good internet discipline.  Signal Peak is this weekend.  The camper is ready to go and the truck got it’s first oil change.  It took me over an hour to get the filter off.  I think the robot they use to install the filter hadn’t been calibrated in a while.  I turned it one full turn with 2 tools on it before I could turn it with my hands.  Ridiculous.