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I’ve been wanting one of these the first day I started teaching.  High schoolers come up with the best excuses.  Of course, at my school, they are pretty heavy duty.  Examples from last year:  My baby was in the hospital…for 15 days. I couldn’t afford diapers for my baby and the courts just gave me custody of my little brother because my mother got thrown in jail and my 24 year old boyfriend lost his job.

Okay. Those are pretty good excuses even though there are a multitude of services for kids like that, but they sometimes don’t know or it takes a while to get things rolling…like a year.

But for the kids that are always whining and crying about stupid stuff, I’ve always told them that I’d be happy to call a wambulance for them.  I found one.








This week is going to be fun!

I’ve been wanting to pull off something brutal and fun this fall and I think I’ve got it.  Am I a masochist?

Check it out here.

The course is going to be pretty sick. 

I doubt it will include the new northern pass trail, but we’ll see.  The current configuration goes over Mundy’s twice….once in each direction.  This will be a good preview for the shorter Puzzler which takes place in January.

I just joined Facebook last week.  I’m limiting myself on it as it is definitely a time vacuum.  I still have a Myspace account that I set up when I was at the university.  I couldn’t stand all the adds and stupid backgrounds that people would set up.  I really hated going onto someone’s page and having some really bad song blare out of my computer.  I’m sure people thought the same of my page.  So I haven’t visited there much over the years.

Facebook is kind of cool and I’ve found several friends that I’ve lost touch with over the years.  I think that is a good thing.  I’ve alsways been real bad about staying in touch with old friends.  I pretty much completely ignored my high school friends after I moved west.  I got an email about my 20th reunion, but I pretty much ignored it.  I mainly hope that facebook keeps me in touch with all my mtb friends and reconnects me with old mtb friends.  I have no desire to get back in touch with any army friends…..if I ever really could call them friends to begin with.

I have a twitter account but I don’t know how to use it.  It seems kind of pointless to me.  

My blog gets regular viewers, but I don’t really care.  I hope that I’m able to post some info every now and then that will be helpful to others…friends or otherwise.  I like reading other people’s blogs as long as there isn’t too much data and data analyses present in the content.  If I see a screen shot of someone’s power profile, I immediately go to someone else’s blog instead.  It doesn’t mean that I never go to that person’s blog again, but I’d much rather look at cool pictures and hear inside stories about races, rides, and bike builds.

Anyway.  I’m on facebook now.

As a high school science teacher I’m constantly trying to get kids to measure things correctly….with both precision and accuracy.  I won’t go into the details on the differences….just think about the archery target and “groups”.  Most people who paid attention in math and science will remember that.

After packing up the Moto-Lite in a big, heavy duty Titus box, I measured everything and went online to get a quote.  I would have printed the invoice via Brown’s easy to use website, but I was unable to add “signature required at delivery” to my order.  So I took it down to my local UPS store where the guy quoted me about twice what I figured online.  He told me it was a bigger size than the price I had figured online.  I asked him what sizes he entered and he was 1″ off on the height, 31 instead of 30″.  I grabbed the box and put it on the floor.  I snatched his tape measure.  I put the tape next to the box and sure enough….29 3/4″.  I made him look at it.  I measured at 6 points all around the box.  All measurements were just under 30″.   New price was less than half what he quoted and right at what I calculated online.

Make sure you know how to make accurate and precise measurements.  It might cost you!

I guess you could call these blingy.  But at only $110 retail, does that qualify as bling?







You may remember my previous post on the M086.  They served me quite well this summer.  They were awesome during the Breck Epic which had numerous long hike-a-bikes.  The stiffness was perfect and the right amount of flex at the toe made them quite comfortable.

The downside…one of the velcro straps on my black ones broke…the day after the epic.  I was able to use duct tape to fix it.  I used the new Loctite brand Sumo tape.  That stuff is way better than standard duct tape.  I continued using the shoes the rest of the summer with no problems. 

At the beginning of the summer I ordered the above bronze colored shoe from the UK.  They finally showed up today!  I’ll have to take extra good care of these bad boys as I don’t think the Sumo tape comes in a bronzish gold color.  They’ll be my race shoes.

Anyway…I got on Facebook this week.  It’s a time waster for sure, but I think I can maintain good internet discipline.  Signal Peak is this weekend.  The camper is ready to go and the truck got it’s first oil change.  It took me over an hour to get the filter off.  I think the robot they use to install the filter hadn’t been calibrated in a while.  I turned it one full turn with 2 tools on it before I could turn it with my hands.  Ridiculous.

It’s not often that I sell my bike stuff.  But the moto-lite has only been ridden twice in the last year.  It’s a great bike, but I need to thin the herd a little and it’s not suiting my style anymore.  If you know any tall peeps looking for a great bike, I’m letting it go for $1500.  Check out the add on mtbr for more info.

Here’s a pic of the beast.

motolite side view







This bike had a lot of great rides.  Hopefully I can find a better home for it than my garage.

School has not started yet, but I’ve been in inservices all week.  Some pretty cool physics stuff.  Real basic stuff taught really well.  I was a terrible physics teacher last year.

This past Saturday Jen and I raced the Laramie Enduro for the second time.  This time we both did it SS.  Last year Jen was the 3rd woman behind Gretchen Reeves and Melissa Thomas.  She had a great race.  I finished just behind Gretchen.  I did not have a great race.

This year was quite different.  While the course isn’t great for a SS, we both tend to love racing the light bikes more than the heavier dual suspension.  It also forces you to be more efficient and keeps you from killing it on the descents….you can only spin so fast.

At the 30 mile mark I was the 4th SSer when a large bent nail stuck in my rear tire.  I pulled it out and the sealant wouldn’t hold it.  I ended up pulling the wheel off, popping off the tire, adding sealant, and airing it back up.  It held!  During my tire change I had to take a leak.  That was the second one of the race.  The first time was on a super long road descent and I did it on the move.  One guy passed me and made a comment about that being totally pro! 

After my flat, I dropped about 5 places in the SS category.  I didn’t kill it or anything to get my position back.  I just raced at the same pace.  At the last feedzone with ab out 7 miles to go and a crapload of climbing, I caught the 3rd place SSer as he cracked hard.  I ended up dropping a group of geared guys on a road descent before the big climb up Headquarters (my aero tuck is insane!!) and finished about 10 minutes faster than the year before.  I was stoked!

Jen rode as the 3rd placed woman most of the race.  She along with many others got way lost at about mile 50.  She still finished as the 3rd woman, 1st SS woman, and only about 10 minutes slower than the previous year.  She’s pretty sure she lost that 10 minutes when she went off course.

Now for the bad news.  We were headed up to Rapid City to ride in the Black Hills.  We were about 70 miles north of Cheyenne when we blew a piston.  91,000 miles on the Duramax.  Not good.  We are stuck in Cheyenne now trying to decide if we want a new motor or a new truck.  We’ve found some great new trucks.  And I mean new!   But that would mean no money for a couple of years.  Wish I had bought a warranty for my truck.  Lessons learned.