After watching the short track races at the nationals, Jen and I packed up the race house and headed to our first real rock concert since about 1997. There was a huge music fest in Denver and Widespread Panic headlined the show.  Those old guys really rocked the house.  From what I remember, they played Love Tractor, Travelin’ Light, Rebirtha,….and the highlight of the show…drums into Faries Wear Boots!  My God!  That kicked ass!

We boondocked in a Walmart lot and woke 4 hours later to city buses making their way through the park and ride which we were parked in.  uugghh.  We headed to Breck with the hopes of riding around Mt. Guyot.  It was raining and we were super tired so we soldiered on to Utah.  This is when things got weird and we decided to go to Moab.  We drove the La Sal Mt. Loop and found a great place to camp right near the junction of Kokopelli and Hazzard County Trail.  We did a sweet loop on Hazzard!

Onto Salt Lake we soldiered….in 100 degree heat.  The next morning, we looped up the Crest Trail from ma-in-law’s for 5 and a half hours in some sweet heat.  That cooked us.  I’m taking a few days off the bike, but Jen is up here in Deer Valley riding Spin Cycle and other great trails as I poach wireless and get Luna in the water.

We’ll leave SL tomorrow and head back to Colorado with plans for the Guyot loop.  Then on to Laramie for the Enduro.

Titus put us up on their site for “news”.  Interesting that they call Jen a “factory rider”.  Privateer is more like it.  Oh well.  She was kind of mad.  I could care less.  We haven’t received ANYTHING but a discount from them this year….and that was on some oem forks.  They do make great bikes though.