Jen and I are hanging loose at a slightly lower elevation (8,500′) in Granby, Co…the site of the National Championships.  The camping is excellent and the trails are incredible.  Our course is going to be tough.  It should be close to 2.5 hours for the SS men’s race.

Breck Epic coverage was excellent.  You can check out lots of stuff at the following:

There are tons of blogs out there that provided much better coverage than I have.  I plan on working up a day by day description of my efforts.  I had such a great time racing with competitors old and new.  Some of my encounters with my fellow competitors first occured almost 15 years ago.  I’ve seen some of them grow up and now they are kicking my butt.

Anyway….we’ll be here through the weekend then we’ll hit Denver Sunday night for the Widespread Panic show.  Hopefully it won’t be too hot for that one.  We’ll head to Utah and hit Breck on the way back so I can take Jen on the Mt. Guyot loop.  That ride is SICK!!!!!