Sorry I haven’t been blogging religiously about this race.  I’ve been concentrating on recovery and refueling and I haven’t wanted to run my generator to charge my batteries.  I wish my solar panels still worked.

Anyway….. After faltering on day 2 and 3, I pulled it back together.  Day 2 was just too much and I went too hard too early with too big of a gear.  Day 3 I put on WAAAY too heavy tires thinking the terrain would be gnarly.  Not!  I lost over 5 minutes.

For Day 4 I put on new Nanoraptors front and rear and put on a 32×21.  Good choice.  My opponent Dan Durland was pretty fried.  He also got caught up in some course confusion.  I can’t say I really took advantage of the opportunity, but I had pre-ridden that area.  I settled in to my own race and really enjoyed the Mt. Guyot circumnavigation.  It’s an incredible ride that I’ll definitely rank in my top 10.  I finished first with about 5 minutes on the gap, but not enough to lead general classification.  I was one second down.  I was kind of happy as that really put pressure on Dan for today.

Today’s stage was another sicko ride over another sicko pass over 12,000 feet.   Wheeler.  I rode it as the first 30 something miles in the Breck 100 last year, but our climb was much different.  We hike-a-biked for about 30 to 40 minutes today.  It hurt.  There were lots of rock gardens up and down throughout the course.  I shredded them.

I ended up with a sweet victory today and about a 7 minute cushion. 

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