Rich Dillon had a good report on the opening prologue.  You can check it out here.  I finished 1:35 up on Dan Durland.  I had a rough time sleeping as I was never able to really wind down after the ride.  The total distance on my gps was 5.4 miles.  I clocked it at about 41:15.  Jeremiah was around 35 minutes.

Today’s ride was super fun.  Dan led out with an easier gear.  He was definitely outclimbing me.  I out descended him but somewhere he was able to get close to me again and caught me on the final climb.  He ended up putting a couple of minutes on me.  Now I sit about 38 seconds down in gc.

Mike and Mary…yes…2 time Olympian Mary….stopped by our camper right at the end of my post race nap.  Great timing!  They looked great and seemed really stoked to be with Sram this year.  They said the new XX group works incredibly well.

Tomorrow is a shorter stage but the climbing is real steep and there is little flat.  I’m running an easier gear and a new drivetrain.  I put on a new Blackspire chainring and a new chain.  Hopefully my bike won’t be making the creaking noise it made all day today.  I’m sure I annoyed the piss out of Alison Dunlap, but I was able to climb away and stay away from them. 

My dad is here with his fiancee.  They have joined us for 2 nights of camping and then they are headed to Banff in Canada.  They are enjoying themselves as they lazily make their way north.