Jen and I shelled ourselves in the 1st Fat Tire 40 in the Butte.  The course was muddy, poopy, fast, tacky, brutal, swoopy, rocky, covered in wild flowers and the weather was perfect.  I ended up 4th in the SS class finishing just under 4:30.  The original goal was to finish under 5.  I was quite undergeared, but I think my legs will thank me for it later.

Jen was the 4th woman finishing in just over 5 hours.  She had some stomach issues vomiting before the race and twice during.  She wasn’t too stoked on that, but had a good time since there was something like 30 miles of singletrack.

The finish area is on the edge of town.  I took the pic from the back of the camper where I’m picking up 3 unsecured wireless links.  There are 7 more that are secured.  Even so, I can’t get pics to upload to wordpress.

The 24 hour townie race is happening in the same location with the lap rolling through our area.  There are lots of hotties on townies, clownies on townies, and very strange bikes.

Doug Bradbury was out on the trails today at a critical junction keeping tabs and giving directions.  He’s the guy who invented the Manitou fork.  It’s always inspiring to see guys like that helping out with racing.  He had to cross the canal which was knee deep to get to his course marshall position.  The guy is a legend and he’s out there being a course marshall.  That rocks!

Anyway….We are enjoying the cool weather and the Fat Tire Festival. 

Oh…can I get a high five for Michael Jackson’s death?  That creepy weirdo won’t ever molest another kid again.  For some strange reason a few of his songs popped into my head during the race today – usually with tweaked lyrics.