Today is my birthday.  I’m 39.  Not long into the workday, Jen sent me a text telling me to check this out.  Not something you really want to read on your birthday especially when not long before you read about this.  And a couple years ago there was this.  I remember Steve racing with this crazed mad look on his face in the short track at Deer Valley with blood dripping down his chin and onto his jersey and number plate.  I don’t think he won, but he sure tried.  Freakin’ hard core.  I think that was the year he got snubbed from the olympic team because he kept flatting in the big races.  He was usually up by over a minute.  What a bummer.

Is it because they pushed too hard?  Was it the stress of accumulated training?  Intervals?  Doping?  Travel?  Who knows?  I guess if I were to kick the bucket, I’d want a similar fate.  Either out doing what I love best, or dreaming big on the couch with drool running down my chin and my dog snoring contently under my feet.  Just let me go fast with no pain.

Enough of that.

Today’s my birthday.  I went to work just like any other normal day…on my bike with a big shit eatin’ grin on my face.  Less than 3 weeks until summer vacation.  Lots of kids quit doing work a few weeks ago and now they are failing.  Hopefully they won’t be in my class again next year.