I passed on driving to Santa Fe for the La Tierra Torture (short track and XC) and I passed on going to witness lance and the other clowns tooling around Silver City so I could get in some big dirt miles. 

It was a smart idea to cache water on Thursday because it was hot this weekend.  In the 90’s, but windy.  So I looked like a giant salt lick.  Jen joined me for the first part of the ride and I crossed paths with her on my third time up Mundy’s Gap.  She was shelled and on her way home.

Here’s a google picture of Saturday’s ride.


55 miles total…6:25….a good pace considering I had to walk up the scree slope and the wind was a beeaawtch on my way home.

Wasn’t sure how I’d feel today, but had a good 4 plus hour ride with another trip up Mundy’s.  I think I’m in pretty good shape now.

For you dorks who like to see data, I’ll send you the HR, speed, and elevation data for $25.  Paypal fastmtnbiker@hotmail.com.