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The BMBA is hosting a poker ride on the 17th of May.  I’ll have more details next week.  Our regular club ride is this Sunday at Heinrich.  8 am….new time to beat the heat.

This Saturday I’m doing a slaughter fest in the Franklins with 3 trips up to Mundy’s Gap in the plan.  Start at Heinrich, bee line up to Mundy’s, clockwise around big loop in park on west side, back up Mundy’s, down the middle road (past the tires) to Mad Cow, back on Sotol, Scenic Rd back up to Mundy’s, turn around and head back to Heinrich via Stan’s and whatever else I feel like riding.  I’ll be caching some water on Scenic.

Hopefully hit Heinrich by 8:30 am.  Let me know if you want to join me for some or a all.  Jen’s going to try to hang on as long as possible.  I’ll be rolling gears and big tires.

Mountain Flyer has a good write-up and some pics on the Socorro weekend.

The race website has all results and some links to more pictures.  Here are pics of the hill climb.  Here’s some from the XC.  And more.

I’m feeling good this week and starting to get close the <200 lbs.  I don’t feel like I’m having to starve myself at all.  Oooh….sub 195 is going to be FAST.

Wow!  Being married to a pro cyclist can be really funny.  Women do a good job of providing themselves with lots of defeatist-speak (sp?).  They can be so negative…I’ve learned to let it flow and don’t even try to turn it around.  What’s even funnier, is that the last two races we’ve done have both fallen on the day that that time of the month starts.  So the negative-speak is frequent and sometimes loud.  The good part is that the hormone cycle is prime for athletics.  Yep.  Believe it or not, women tend to perform quite well aerobically when they are menstruating. 

So this weekend was a return trip to Socorro.  Day 1 was the hillclimb up mt. baldy (10,800′).  I promised myself last year that I would run a 22t, but after lightening the bike to 21.5 lbs and being told that the last pitch was covered in snow, I went back to the 21t.  Half way up I would have shot myself if I’d had a gun.  The middle part of that climb sucks.  A 22t and I would have been at least 4 minutes faster.  I finished 8th overall this year….3 places better than last.  My time was pretty rippin’, but it hurt. 

Jen’s competition…Cannondale pro Nina Baum was running some trick wheels and tires.  They didn’t quite work out for her as she had to use her air cartridges several times up the road.  Jen won by 4 minutes.

We had a fun ride down.  Being rigid reminded me of the old days when I used to bomb down the old coal truck roads in Tennessee.  The roads are quite similar, just a bit shorter and not as high an altitude.

Jen happy to not be on the bad end of mechanicals....and enjoying all her warm clothes.

Jen happy to not be on the bad end of mechanicals....and enjoying all her warm clothes.

It's hard not to smile in places like this!

It's hard not to smile in places like this!

This road gets really steep.

This road gets really steep.

There is also a lightening research facility up there.

There is also a lightening research facility up there.

Day 2 was the XC race in the Cabradas.  We gathered a good crew in what little area there was to camp. 



The wind died down and made for a beautiful evening.  Mt. Baldy ended up getting some rain.

Mt. Baldy in far backgroun.
Mt. Baldy in far background.

The XC was super fast.  The SSers and the women started 5 minutes off the expert men.  Myself and this kid Isaac caught about half the expert field before the end of the first lap.  The start of the second lap, I attacked on the road and held Isaac off for a gap of about a minute for the win.  I felt really good and went out for lap 3 with Jen.  Jen had a huge gap and was riding the 659er  1×9 really well.  I ended up dropping back to help some riders who were SOL in the middle of nowhere.

The Cubradas backcountry is really neat.  The race loop is super fun and I’d encourage people to check it out.  Make sure you have a map or gps as you can get ridiculously lost out there.
Here’s parting shot.

Wow!  Dawn to Dusk 2009 got cancelled.  We’re lucky to have made it out.  With 6″ of mud, I let out half the air in my front tires to aid in traction.  I left the rears at 70 hoping that the extra footprint of the dually and over 3,000 pounds of camper would give us the bite we needed to get the hell out of the biggest slop fest I’ve witnessed in a long time.

Here’s video of the exit from the venue.  There was a sweet line up and lots of people were out to witness the potential carnage.  Dually 4×4’s are sweet!

Exiting the Dawn to Dusk venue in Gallup from David Wilson on Vimeo.

I’ve raced some slop in my day.  I had the fastest amateur time at Snowshoe back in 2004 in axle deep mud.  I rode Pisgah and Nantahala before there were any guide books. So I love racing in the slop. But I’m glad I didn’t have to race in what could have been a shameful display of trail stewardship if the Dawn to Dusk had started.

Here’s Dave and Linda’s tent.


I sure hope they didn’t pay much for that thing.  Suprisingly our 10×10 withstood everything.  And of course, you can’t beat a lance camper.

This pic of these characters standing around in the mud really don’t do the scene much justice.


And this is a gorgeous shot of the venue from above.  It looks really awesome!  But walking around in it was like walking on a hockey rink with heated steel shoes.


Here’s the final snow storm we experienced on our way out.

Snow at Gallup Dawn to Dusk from David Wilson on Vimeo.

This is what we woke up to in the morning.  That’s Smokin’ Ray’s Winnebango next to Mike Mangan’s Funfinder XXX.


Mike’s wondering how the hell anyone without 4 wheel drive will make it out.   It was so bad that when the shitter truck came to pump out the portos, he had to put on chains.  It was a dually 4×4.  He had troubles when empty, but once he was full of shit, he motored out just fine.

Oh well.  We were able to salvage the day with a ride in Socorro.  It was a bit windy, but it was sunny and the trails were dry.

I had fun at the Coyote.  It’s hard not to have fun when you race on your home trails.  Jen beat Nina by a decent margin and I had a good win also…despite a rough week.  For some reason I dropped my chain on one of the early climbs.  After that I was hesitant to really kill it on the steep stuff.  Other than that, my bike rode like a dream on trails I can ride almost blind-folded.

The local newspaper had good coverage.  Here’s the internet link.  Here’s a pic of me rounding a sweeper.

It’s nice to get a win after a week with an ear infection and pink eye.  I also won an airline ticket in a raffle as well as $125 for the SS win.