This  past weekend was really great…but not so great.

I headed out of town late Friday to meet up with the Sierra Vista boys.  I didn’t sleep well at all as I was too freakin’ lazy to put in some earplugs and take a Zertec.  Next morning’s ride was super awesome with a southern out and back on the new AZT portion south of I-10, then out and back on the north end.  Ended up with more than 40 miles.  I got a good nap after the ride, then set the cruise at 60 headed to Sedona.  I got to Nodville around 8 pm….a bit later than planned, but good timing anyway.

Next day my head was freakin’ hurting, my ears were stuffed, and I couldn’t breathe through my nose.  I played tough guy and joined Matty and Lesley on one of Sedona’s finest…Hangover.  I have killer video for the portion with the overhang, but I’m going to refrain from posting it online.  Word is out on this trail.  It’s not legal, but rumors are spreading that the USFS may give it a thumbsup.

Next morning…head felt the same way.  But I soldiered on to ride House Mtn. from Nodville down into Turkey Creek, Baldwin, Cathedral, HT, Mystic.  Only took 3 hours, but I wasn’t feelin’ too well.

Later that evening we grilled over the giant pit, and I think that made things worse.  So I left the next morning and saw a doctor Wednesday.  Pink-eye, infected right ear, heavy congestion….My doctor heavily over-medicated me.  Hopefully I’ll feel great by Coyote.