5 years after our first Old Pueblo, Jen and I headed back to Oracle for another go.  This time we had a full 5 person team, a nice RV, a bit of sponsorship to cover entry fees, and teammates that we’ve been friends with for a while.  The crazy Scot Martin Coll, co-owner of M and M Cycles in Sierra Vista, AZ….44 years old, borrowed this rig to stay warm and rest well during our intemittent sleep and continuous hot laps around the desert.

Jayco Popup
Jayco Popup

Check out the cooler/fridge.  Genius.  I’m also digging the spring attached garbage can.  Quite a nice rig for one person.

We loaded up EVERYTHING for this event.  I even brought the BIG air compressor.
I was pretty proud of that packing job.  We ended up using only half the water we brought and we never used the air compressor.  The generator worked really well burning only 1/3 of a tank in about 3 hours of use.
I got to do the run….again.  This time I wasn’t nearly as fast as I was during round one five years ago.  I was in the army then and I ran all the time.   I was in the top 10 back then and came through in 6th or something.  This year I started a little further back….probably like 60th or so.  But I got a good hand-up on the bike and lived up to the promise I made to my teammates that I’d finish in the top 15.  I think I was 14th. 
The first two rotations went as follows:  Me, Beto, Martin, Jen, Mark….
Then Mark, who had a double disk repair in his back last summer, needed a bit longer break.  The third rotation was Me, Beto, Martin, Jen, Me.  After that, I’d have to refer to the results to be completely accurate, but we stayed pretty regular despite Mark’s pain and Jen’s severe heart burn which left me to jump ahead of her in the final rotation.  One of my rotations of sleep was interrupted by someone opening my camper door and saying, “Dude….you got a grinder?”  Turns out that our buddy Gabe’s duo partner had broken off his Crank Bros pedal leaving the spindle.  The allen hole got stripped out in their haste to remove it.  I busted out my trusty battery powered dremel and ground two flat sides on the spindle for my giant crescent wrench to grab hold.  With the crescent and the allen tool, we were able to get it off.  I don’t remember them putting another pedal on.  I just put my tools away and went back to sleep.
I was super stoked as nothing major happened on the trail.  On Beto’s first night lap, his bar light went out.  We swapped over one of our Ay Up’s for his next night lap even though he thought he’d be ok without a bar light.  Good thing as his helmet light went out on that next lap.  He still turned over some insanely fast night laps….which are hard to do without a helmet light cause the OP is freakin’ twisty.
We knew we probably wouldn’t be able to beat the Ergon team unless something bad happened to them.  Yuki and Jeff are young bucks and they’ve been training hard.  Weins is tough as nails and kind of a golden god of aerobic activities.  Sonya was super motivated even though she had a bit of a head cold.  Her 3 laps were pretty quick, but not suprising as she was a pretty good short tracker when she first got going into the national scene.
I was pleased that none of us had heart attacks, we had no flats or crashes, and we left stoked to have partaken in such a cool event.
And it was cool…if not cold.  I wore my 20 year old durawool tights for all my laps after my second one.
We have quite a few layers on in this pic.p2140021
At least it didn’t rain again.  That would have really sucked, but we would have been ready as we had our SS’s…which Beto and Martin rode exclusively.  We had a good arsenal of bikes.  No worries there.
I rode my SS on my second lap with a 32×16.  It was a bit stiff at the end on the climb.  I continued on the Racer-X since it’s like a glove and I could go rippin’ fast on the wide open stuff.  Jen stuck with her geared bike as well due to a bad brake on her SS.  But if it had rained….I think things would have been a much different story as the SSers tend to really kill it at Pueblo when it gets nasty….and I really like to ride in crappy conditions.   And with Martin being a Scot, we would have had that extra rain advantage.
The dog was in heaven celebrating her 5th year of racing.  The OP was her first bike race with us on her first weekend with us.  She only weighed 7 pounds.  Jen carried her to the start back then.  She was extra cute.  What happened?
Here’s the naked guy…I didn’t get a full pic as he kind of caught me off guard. 
Here’s Jen on the way home.  Some help she was….and she took Monday off.
Just kidding.  I came home from work monday and all the bikes were clean and in the rack.  The camper was clean and ready for our next trip.  The truck was even vacuumed.  All the laundry was done and she even ran the camper dishes through our dishwasher.  What an awesome chica!