I think that today had to be one of the craziest days in my life.  It started at about 3:30 when I could no longer take the tasks in my head anymore.  I had to get out of bed and get to work.  So I got on the computer, finished writing my final assignment for my teacher certification, then went to work making stupid little signs for the Puzzler…like “Sign in at feedzone before going to start line” and Station 1 – License Check.  After Jen woke up at 6, I immediately started printing the signs.  I also printed 20 blank # plates on cardstock.

Then I loaded my backpack full of stakes and arrows to mark the course into the Benzo.  Loaded my other pack for school with a change of clothes and lunch.  Ate breakfast, walked my dog, took care of hygiene, then finally headed out at 7:25.  I had a meeting at 8 am.  My dad called me on my ride in….which I did on my frankencrosser…so I called him back to make sure nothing was wrong.  I cut him off as I had to be at my meeting.  After signing in, I found out where the meeting was and headed down.  School started at 8:45, so that spared me from anymore mumbo jumbo from worthless central office employees.

First period class, got observed…as expected…by central office employees at the end of class.  2nd period common planning with my team.  Ran around like a chicken with no head for about 20 minutes trying to get lab book from team coach.  Made copies, distributed them, heated can of soup on laboratory hot plate.  Packed up physics lab materials, ate lunch, headed to lunch duty, then went to class….outside at stadium.  Back inside for the rest of class.  Then my 4th period hell class, which went fairly well except a bunch of snooty girls did their nails and shit and got totally ripped on the polish fumes.  Jen walked in at 3:30 to lots of fanfare from my students. 

Oh shit!  We’ve got to mark the heinrich area trails….and I didn’t ride my mountain bike to school.  So I Phelan’d it with a 30 pound pack and pounded stakes all over the heinrich trails.  We taped a bunch of signs onto big rocks.  Freakin’ hilarious.  Rallied Tomac style back to car just before dark.  Got home, took in big boxes of cheap ass water bottles for Puzzler (they look great, but they are hard to squeeze), made delicious salad, microwaved some veggie lasagna, ate and finished up my portfolio for teacher cert. 

Proofed through the portfolio with Jen, printed that beeaawtch, and organized.  Interview is Thursday night.

A little blog time and I’ll be ready for bed.  Next week I should be a fully certified teacher.  Maybe I’ll finish my masters and so I can earn that extra $1000 a year.