Holy crap it’s been nice this week.  I probably could have gone without the knee warmers today and yesterday.  I finally remembered to put on sunscreen.

The trails in the northeast have been ridden more this month that they have in the last 7 years total.  This was the scene at Heinrich Park this morning.

heinrich lot jan 18 2009

These guys all seemed to think they were going to be riding the Puzzler loop.  They had some trouble with their map reading.  I gave them the map of the entire area, but it covers a huge area.  From the get go they were headed up the wrong trails.  It will be interesting to see how many of our brothers and sisters to the south decide to attempt this beast.

After our ride today I packed up the Christmas present and headed to Anthony Gap for some trimming.  People have been missing this cairn, so I cleared it out.  The husky didn’t even flinch.  It’s so smooth and not that loud.  It’s not very heavy either.  I forgot the harness and I was able to manage it just fine.


I missed the cairn last time I rode out here.  So keep  your eyes peeled for it.  It seems to be one of the major “misses” on the course.

Looks like tomorrow’s weather will be the same.  I think we’ll crank out a big lap.