After working 6 years of retail over 8 years ago, I still have a hard time dealing with all the crap related to the holidays.  I was a total grinch and I definitely can still be quite grinchy.  I definitely don’t like all the commercialism related to the holidays.  It always seems so wasteful.  Just give the stinkin’ gift in the box it came in….I don’t need your fancy wrapping paper.  My neighbors are like the griswolds.  I now most of them are on fixed incomes.  How can they afford what has to be a pretty high electric bill as it is? 

Just over the past few years I got into decorating our own Christmas tree.  Small steps.  We have one of those 3 foot tall fake trees that only cost like $15 in an after-Christmas sale.  Put a small string of lights on it and it’s good to go.

But wait!  That’s when the trouble begins.  You see, both my moms are very sentimental about Christmas.  Ma-in-law has been sending us tree ornaments for a while now.  My mom is huge into ornaments.  She’s even got other christmas stuff….Humels (sp?), angels, motorized ornaments, Christmas china…you name it. 

This year the ma-in-law actually sent us something really cool.  He’ll serve duty as much more than just a Christmas ornament.  In fact, he’ll be glad when Christmas rolls around and we set up a tree because he’ll be getting a break from being my form coach.  This is a perfect position for him.  My form is almost perfect and I really don’t need anyone to remind me that I’m “bobbing” or pushing too big of a gear when I’m riding a geared rig.  When I’m on the squat rack or doing deadlifts, he won’t have to say a word as my large mirrors provide all the clues necessary to indicate degradation of my form.  This is perfect job for him since he can’t talk.

Introducing my new brother….Wood Man.


Wood Man is loving the new digs, but he has some concerns about El Paso as there is a high number of INS agents in the area.  Wood Man is fresh off the boat from Nigeria.  He was stuffed into a box and crammed into a container where he remained for about 2 months without food or water.  This was a bonus as it prevented him from having to wet or shit himself in the small confines.

He’s stoked to be out and I told him mi casa es su casa.  He was able to get in a pretty good ride today.  He checked out the range with the new backsplash Jen and I installed over the holidays.


And after sending it off the top of the range, he showed how big wheels really aren’t necessary to negotiate the tough stuff.  Dude’s got mad skills.

woodman-sending-it-off-the-range        wood-man-showing-off-skills-in-the-rough-stuff

You won’t be hearing much from Wood Man, but he’ll make some cameo appearances through out the year until he gets to hang with the elk and the birds in our plastic 3′ tree.