Natural born easy…on the road again.  The rig is ready to roll.  Got the ghetto rack system mounted to the ladder and all my cold weather riding gear is packed up.  Now I just need to pack my “normal” clothes, fill the fridge with enough food for 4 days, top off with water, and hit the road. 

We’ll be hitting Tyler State Park on the way out as well as Oak Mountain in Birmingham.  Haven’t ridden Tyler yet.  It will be our second time to Oak Mountain.  I can’t wait as it’s eastern woods trails as I remember them from my early days.  We’ll also be riding the new FATS trail system and Merrington Plantation in South Carolina.  I’ve heard really good things about both. 

This is going to be a tough one.  Hopefully gas prices will stay low.  We budgeted this one at the $4.50 a gallon rate.  $2.50 would give us some extra spending money.

I’ll try to keep some updates.