Unlike others who pay others lots of money and provide those others with lots of internet “advertising”, I have a secret training plan.  I let uncle sam pay for the knowledge of how to train correctly.  Granted it does take a bit of motivation to follow through with your training plans.  When you are pushing 40 and you enjoy your career, training hard for a sport that really doesn’t pay well and may bring more heartbreak and suffering than one would really want in their life, it makes sense to train in a way that helps you maintain sanity, not get sick, and not be tired when you are trying to stamp out ignorance in a community where ignorance is bliss.

Here are some ways to keep the motivation. 

  1. Provide yourself with a constant reminder of what you have achieved in the past.

pb270043       pb270044

2.  Provide yourself with a constant reminder of what other people have been able to do….even though they may be way more talented or genetically gifted.


3.  Make sure your steeds are ready to roll at a moment’s notice so you don’t waste time.  Do all your maintenance when the weather is bad or after dinner when it’s dark outside.

4.  Keep your training plan to yourself.  Telling everyone what you are doing leaves yourself open to doubt or demands that you defend yourself when others start questioning your plan. 

While my plan is secret, I will release a picture-hint. 


I’ve been trying to come up with a clever name for the frankenrig.  Since there is the FCR sticker on there, I thought about calling it the Frankencrossrig.  Or F’n Cool Ride.  I thought about cutting out an “m” from a moto-lite sticker and calling it the MonsterFrankenCrossRig.

This bike is really interesting to ride.  I rode it with Bike Club after school the other day and one of the kids asked me if the different wheel sizes was trying to recreate the old tymee bikes…interesting observation.

I guess there are some similarities.

frankenbike1        boneshaker