We finally get a holiday with some…bite to it.  This 4.5 day break will be a time that I will do a bunch of riding of course, but I’m also going to do a bit of reflecting on my current situation….which is good.

I am very thankful for many things this year.  I have lots of really great bikes thanks to Titus.  I have a good job that presents new challenges everyday.  I have a beautiful wife that can kick my butt on almost any given day we ride together.  I’ve got a nice house in a nice neighborhood with trails just up the street.  My dog is kick ass.  My parents are still healthy.  I didn’t get addicted to drugs during college or high school.  I have no debt other than an affordable mortgage.  I have a pretty good brain and eye/hand coordination so I can work on my bikes so I don’t have to pay some idiot to mess mine up when they need a tune-up.  I have good health. 

Most of us should be thankful.  Those of us who have as many things to be thankful about as I do need to take a look around them and help out.  My generosity this year will be dedicated to the bike program at my school.  I also am going to thin the stable a bit by giving a bike to a student.  I don’t usually like to just “give” stuff to kids from my school because they tend to never see the true value.  Last year a girl asked me how many bikes I owned.  I didn’t tell her the truth as the cost of one of my bikes is close to the yearly income of some of these kids’ parents.  She said she’d been trying to get a bike for a couple of years.  I thought about the “classic” tanker tanking up space on my back porch and promised it to her.  I told her she’d have it by thanksgiving.  I couldn’t find her this week, but the bike is ready to roll.  This bitch has the push-pull rear derailleur.  Good luck finding one of those cables.  It also has drum brakes in the rear.  I think the lawnmower shop down the street may have pads.  It also has 180 Tioga cranks.  This thing is a tank at about 45 lbs.  I was thinking I’d keep this for whenever I opened my own shop, but that dream is one that I’m not sure I really want to come true.  It seems that most shop owners ride less than I do and they definitely can’t take 2 months off with pay during the summer.  At least not for the first few years.  So this bad beast is getting a new home….as soon as I track down the future owner.


Anyway, I hope all the readers in cyberspace have a happy Cranksgiving.  Ride long, hard, far, etc.