…or what you do with a frame that rides like a squirrel on crack.

My original SS frame was built a little bit too steep and high.  I didn’t really take the time to research the #s so I rode a pretty skiddish frame for a couple of seasons.  Funny thing was that I had some really good races on it, but it was a bear to handle in the fast stuff.  A high bb meant that I could pedal through rock gardens even with 180 cranks.  But the steep head angle made it super twitchy in the in the fast stuff.

So I had Daryl at Titus design me another frame…..the Desert Destroyer….which served me quite well for the second half of this season.

What do I do with a hunk of titanium that would be just wrong to sell to anyone?  You make it work for something.   This baby is my new commuter!  It’s a 69er.  Thought I’d never see the day, but it works. 


 It handles much better and check out that rear tire clearance!  Too bad the chainstays are so long.

rear-tire-upper-clearance  pb190048

After riding it to school today with a headset that didn’t want to cooporate, I finally got the kinks worked out and things are smooth as silk.  I was thinking that a 650b rear wheel would work, but I tried Jen’s 650 rear wheel and it didn’t change it enough.  With the 26″, it’s low slung and is super comfortable.  It will get some good rally time on my daily trips to the hood.