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Unlike others who pay others lots of money and provide those others with lots of internet “advertising”, I have a secret training plan.  I let uncle sam pay for the knowledge of how to train correctly.  Granted it does take a bit of motivation to follow through with your training plans.  When you are pushing 40 and you enjoy your career, training hard for a sport that really doesn’t pay well and may bring more heartbreak and suffering than one would really want in their life, it makes sense to train in a way that helps you maintain sanity, not get sick, and not be tired when you are trying to stamp out ignorance in a community where ignorance is bliss.

Here are some ways to keep the motivation. 

  1. Provide yourself with a constant reminder of what you have achieved in the past.

pb270043       pb270044

2.  Provide yourself with a constant reminder of what other people have been able to do….even though they may be way more talented or genetically gifted.


3.  Make sure your steeds are ready to roll at a moment’s notice so you don’t waste time.  Do all your maintenance when the weather is bad or after dinner when it’s dark outside.

4.  Keep your training plan to yourself.  Telling everyone what you are doing leaves yourself open to doubt or demands that you defend yourself when others start questioning your plan. 

While my plan is secret, I will release a picture-hint. 


I’ve been trying to come up with a clever name for the frankenrig.  Since there is the FCR sticker on there, I thought about calling it the Frankencrossrig.  Or F’n Cool Ride.  I thought about cutting out an “m” from a moto-lite sticker and calling it the MonsterFrankenCrossRig.

This bike is really interesting to ride.  I rode it with Bike Club after school the other day and one of the kids asked me if the different wheel sizes was trying to recreate the old tymee bikes…interesting observation.

I guess there are some similarities.

frankenbike1        boneshaker

We finally get a holiday with some…bite to it.  This 4.5 day break will be a time that I will do a bunch of riding of course, but I’m also going to do a bit of reflecting on my current situation….which is good.

I am very thankful for many things this year.  I have lots of really great bikes thanks to Titus.  I have a good job that presents new challenges everyday.  I have a beautiful wife that can kick my butt on almost any given day we ride together.  I’ve got a nice house in a nice neighborhood with trails just up the street.  My dog is kick ass.  My parents are still healthy.  I didn’t get addicted to drugs during college or high school.  I have no debt other than an affordable mortgage.  I have a pretty good brain and eye/hand coordination so I can work on my bikes so I don’t have to pay some idiot to mess mine up when they need a tune-up.  I have good health. 

Most of us should be thankful.  Those of us who have as many things to be thankful about as I do need to take a look around them and help out.  My generosity this year will be dedicated to the bike program at my school.  I also am going to thin the stable a bit by giving a bike to a student.  I don’t usually like to just “give” stuff to kids from my school because they tend to never see the true value.  Last year a girl asked me how many bikes I owned.  I didn’t tell her the truth as the cost of one of my bikes is close to the yearly income of some of these kids’ parents.  She said she’d been trying to get a bike for a couple of years.  I thought about the “classic” tanker tanking up space on my back porch and promised it to her.  I told her she’d have it by thanksgiving.  I couldn’t find her this week, but the bike is ready to roll.  This bitch has the push-pull rear derailleur.  Good luck finding one of those cables.  It also has drum brakes in the rear.  I think the lawnmower shop down the street may have pads.  It also has 180 Tioga cranks.  This thing is a tank at about 45 lbs.  I was thinking I’d keep this for whenever I opened my own shop, but that dream is one that I’m not sure I really want to come true.  It seems that most shop owners ride less than I do and they definitely can’t take 2 months off with pay during the summer.  At least not for the first few years.  So this bad beast is getting a new home….as soon as I track down the future owner.


Anyway, I hope all the readers in cyberspace have a happy Cranksgiving.  Ride long, hard, far, etc.

…or what you do with a frame that rides like a squirrel on crack.

My original SS frame was built a little bit too steep and high.  I didn’t really take the time to research the #s so I rode a pretty skiddish frame for a couple of seasons.  Funny thing was that I had some really good races on it, but it was a bear to handle in the fast stuff.  A high bb meant that I could pedal through rock gardens even with 180 cranks.  But the steep head angle made it super twitchy in the in the fast stuff.

So I had Daryl at Titus design me another frame…..the Desert Destroyer….which served me quite well for the second half of this season.

What do I do with a hunk of titanium that would be just wrong to sell to anyone?  You make it work for something.   This baby is my new commuter!  It’s a 69er.  Thought I’d never see the day, but it works. 


 It handles much better and check out that rear tire clearance!  Too bad the chainstays are so long.

rear-tire-upper-clearance  pb190048

After riding it to school today with a headset that didn’t want to cooporate, I finally got the kinks worked out and things are smooth as silk.  I was thinking that a 650b rear wheel would work, but I tried Jen’s 650 rear wheel and it didn’t change it enough.  With the 26″, it’s low slung and is super comfortable.  It will get some good rally time on my daily trips to the hood.

It’s been so long since I’ve made a post, I had to actually think for a bit about my password to log on. 

It seems that even though I haven’t posted in a long while, my blog still gets major hits for people seeking info on El Paso mountain biking.  The BMBA page is starting to take over….thank goodness.  It is a personal goal of mine that the new BMBA page is what people go to for info on El Paso trail info.  I have all the maps online now thanks to Robert Newman.  Club membership is up and we are very active in making the city a better place to ride the fat tires and big wheels.

My after school at-risk youth bike program is growing too.  I have all kinds of kids involved.  I had 4 girls show up today to find out what they needed to do to join the club.  Too bad the time has changed and we won’t have time to hit the trails after school.  We’ll have to spend the winter putting in “base miles” around the ‘hood.  Here’s a little video of our last trail ride at Heinrich. 

If you want to donate stuff to the at-risk program, please let me know.  We need the following:

  • 2.1-2.2 knobby tires
  • tire sealant
  • portable workstand
  • tool set
  • frame pumps
  • seat bags

We also need money.  Your donation will go through Irvin H.S. and will be tax-deductible.  Contact me at my contact info on the left of the page and I’ll give you the scoop.  We will eventually need new bikes as our current bikes are about 5 years old and they are LOW quality.  Some of our shifters are already breaking down.  I’d really prefer to put these kids on 29r singlespeeds since most can’t figure out the shifting anyway.  If they throw a chain, they freak out.  The big wheels work way better on our rocks and sand too.

I’ve been trying to enjoy my time off from training even though I have already incorporated and increased the level of my secret fall program.  It’s making a huge difference in the way I feel.

I got a call from Mary McConneloug the other day.  Yep.  Two time Olympian!  She’s trying to figure out what she wants to do this winter and next year as well.  She may be back on the chuckwagon circle again to defend her national title.  I talked to her for an hour and a half and blew off a bunch of grading I needed to do that night.  But hell…when a two time olympian calls, you talk to her. 

Anyway….I just made my first order of Monster Cross parts.  I’m turning the tricky ti titus tooniner into a monster crosser.  I’m gonna have to get a custom fork.  I’ll be sending Walt or somebody some cash’ola here pretty soon as I’ll need a REALLY long fork to help adjust the geo on that crazy frame. 

Don’t expect too much blogging from me this fall.  Sorry.  But stay in touch.