Sorry I’ve been so slack on the updates.  Everytime I got on a computer, I either paid bills or just checked my email then moved on.  Stops in town were for food or laundry.

My friend said I should make a list of all the trails I rode, but I can’t remember them all.

Here are some of my favorites……

A River Runs Through It – sweet Whistler stunt line…slow …and low…no pictures

7 Summits (Rossland, BC) – full loop on the day…pics below

Larmamie, WY – a network of insane trails just off the rest area between Cheyenne and Laramie – home to the Laramie Enduro.

That place has endless riding.

After Laramie we discovered that we had an extra week, so we went to Crested Butte.  The best part about summer in crested butte is the weekly Pinnacle race series on Thursday nights.  $16 gets you a number plate, dinner, and beer.  And if you win your category, you’ll get a ti King cage like Jen and I did!

Reno-Flag-Bear-Deadman’s is definitely the best.  Lots of whoop-dee action thanks to the moto boys and girls.  I’ll be back there again soon.

We finished the summer off with a visit to Sante Fe thanks to the guys at Mellow Velo.  They ponied up a $100 gift certificate for my win in the SS class at Los Alamos.  Pajarito has excellent biking, especially if you like to go the lift served thing.  They have some good DH runs and the lift tickets are only $20.