Day 2 consisted of Matt and Lesley taking us up to Checkemus Lake.  This is a sub-alpine lake that feeds an insane river.  On the way we saw some of our racer pals finishing up the BC bike race.

Here’s Tinker…without his partner.

One of Matt’s buddies….the Dingo…came through and visited with us for a while.  He was flamin’ pissed off cause his partner was sucking so bad.  He dropped f-bombs for about 15 minutes while he waited on his buddy.  He really wanted to go ride with us instead.

Then we headed up to Checkemus Lake.  We did some awesome climbs and crossed over the creek that is fed by the lake.  There is no dam for this thing.  It’s really incredible.

We then got to the lake and took a break near the exit.   The water was flowing really fast at this spot.

We then rode out to the end of the trail were I took this great panorama of the area.  Unbelievable.

Stay tuned as we will be heading slightly north for a float plane shuttle ride.