Our drive from the Cream Puff up to Whistler was very disappointing.  We did get to see some really neat stuff, but trying to conserve fuel meant not taking every side trip available to see things that could normally be seen from the main road.  What am I talking about?  Well, the forest fires in California are/were so bad, that we could barely see any of the big volcanic peaks unless we were right up on them…..such as Mt. Bachelor.  My camera has this rad panorama feauture and Jen took this cool one by this lake below Mt. Bachelor.

The highway up to Whistler was insane.  It is cut into the base of the mountains and follows the coastline closely for quite a ways. They are doing tons of construction on it due to the upcoming 2010 Olympics.  My dad warned me saying that there weren’t any lines, but we hit it during the daylight hours and made it without incident.

So despite not being able to see Helens or Ranier, we had some great views of the Sunshine coast.