Cream Puff!!!!  Wow!  Everyone told us it would be awesome….and it was.  Jen and I duked it out the entire day and she finally dropped me on the last climb.  16,000 feet of climbing.  That’s as much climbing as the Gila road stage race….5 days. 

Free camping.  Free food.  Free showers.  Lots of awesome food in the feed zones.  One feed zone even had a hose running out of a spring.  I have no idea what place I got….maybe top 30.  Jen was the second female and she really did a great job climbing. 

My goal…finish without of cramping.  Jen’s goal….finish without throwing up.  Mission accomplished.  Sub-12 hour.  Winner was just under 10 hours.

Here’s some pics from a couple of the awesome sections of trails.

I almost took my camera with me for the race, but I probably wouldn’t have made the cut-off time.

Next stop….Whistler.