We finally made it out of El Paso and hooked up with the Cochiti 100…..which turned out to be a 70 something miler.  We got up there about noon and the guys were finishing up their first loop.  I think they started way too late.  We took off on the second loop around the tent rocks and went out again to try to find some single track out that way.  We ended up with 56 miles. 

Then it was off to Durango and Cortez.  It took us less than an hour in Durango to run into someone we knew and later in our ride we ran into Myles Rockwell….who looked scary fit. 

We got a sick ride in around the Salt Lake/Bountiful foothills and around the North Canyon/Mueller Park trails.

Then it was up to the IMBA Summit in Park City.  What a blast.  I learned so much and took about 18 pages of notes.  I can’t wait for our next club meeting.  Every afternoon included insanely fun rides on some of the 400 miles of single track around the town.

We are now up in Idaho and headed to Oregon.  Stay tuned.