Ever since I started keeping my blog, my wife and I have been checking out other people’s blogs….quite regularly.  It’s kind of frustrating.  Most are aspiring racer types.  Big Jonny started it all, but he’s toned it down a bit, allowed others to contribute, and he removed all the porn (that stuff was all the same anyway).  He’s even got O’Grady and  Gred Randolph posting up every now and then.  But then everyone started doing the blog thing.  Including me.

What’s the funnest part about reading other peoples’ blogs?…..the amazement of how willing most are to tell how little they know about trying to be a successful athlete…Example.  Or….they give the longest explanation of why they suffered in a recent event when the true reason was a 4 or 5 word sentence…Example.  I won’t even go there when it comes to all those who give detailed descriptions of all the overtraining they do…or incorrect training….then question why they aren’t performing well when they’ve written the exact reason in their blog post.

The power heads are really cracking me up.  I’ve got a whole list of those guys…you know…the ones that post up all their workouts and vertical and rpms and power output and # of sips of cytomax and bites of energy bars and amount of recovery drinks. 

  1. Dave Harris and Linda Wallenfells (they haven’t been as fervent about posting screen shots of power outputs lately, but it was annoying for a while)
  2. Jeff Kerkove
  3. Not sure who this guy is…but at least he admits to being boring
  4. I should probably rank this one #1
  5. And another

I won’t keep going with that one.  Whew.  Too many to check out.  Do a google search for “powertap data blog postings”.  You’ll be busy for sure.

One of my favorite picture themes is the “on bike cockpit” photo theme.  These crack me up as I think everyone is either trying to pimp their computer sponsor or they want to show that they can ride one handed, maintain the threshold HR, and operate a digicam at the same time.  Example 1, 2, 3

I must admit it though, most of these guys and gals have great blogs.  Their pics are awesome and they look like they are having a great time…even though they may be suffering through all the races.  I’m sure the ones I haven’t met are really cool people….as the ones I have met are down right awesome.  Positive attitudes abound and they truly love mountain biking.

So I’ll spare you the #’s with a clean cockpit pick of the 9 year old road bike that has won way more cash than the $1600 it cost me.

I’ll share the sequential photos of this morning’s ride, but I’ll spare you the hippie band lyrics.

Yes.  It’s totally lame.  But I’m too busy pinning it, eating, and railing the descents to be stopping to take photos all the time on my mountain bike rides. 

Oh.  I almost forgot.  I need to have the obligatory bling bike picture as well.

The girl has won enough money on her old piece of crap Schwinn to pay for the it and this new one.  She’ll keep this one much longer I’m sure.

Dicky, this post was dedicated to you.  Keep up the good work.