This weekend was hot as balls and after wakening at 5 am, getting in a shorter ride, and doing a bunch of packing, I went to move the truck so I could change the oil.  Well….it didn’t want to start.  Not only did it not want to start, a warning light came on saying my tranny was overheated.  How could that be.  It hadn’t been run in over 2 weeks.  Wait a second.  My dog had been under it for almost an entire day trying to catch a squirrel that had crawled up into the engine bay.  Maybe she had disconnected a wire or something.

Or something….

The tow truck is on the way.  Hopefully this won’t cost too much.  And hopefully it is finished by Wed.  I’ve got to meet my father in Gallup Wed nite. 

I got checked out from school today.  Kind of a bummer.  My students really let me down for the final exam.  I gave them an answer sheet with all the q’s.  Did they bring it?  No.  What’s wrong with kids these days.

They think I’m crazy!  I guess getting up before dawn to go ride a bike on trails that provide frequent encounters with these little beauties is kind of crazy.

This was a little one….about 3 and half feet long.  Western Diamondback.  Jen passed if first and I heard it before I got too close.  It only rattled once and it didn’t seem too pissed off like most westerns we’ve encountered in the past.

I’m glad to be headed to cooler climes.