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Today was my 38th birthday.  I enjoyed my morning by rallying the Moto-lite to school.  It was already about 85 on my way in.  I found a pretty good sized concrete roller jump that I like to hit every morning.  It’s definitely a highlight of the morning.  This morning I got chased about a quarter mile by a chihuahua.  I tried to take a picture of it, but it didn’t save to my phone……

I also tried to take a picture of the $4.59 diesel price at one of the stations I passed on the way in.  I pass 6 gas stations on my way to work.  They aren’t nearly as busy as they used to be.  In fact, it seems that people are waiting to the last drop to refill.  I should have taken a pic of the guy getting his car pushed into one of the stations this afternoon.

One of my students asked me why I would ride my bike to school on my birthday.  What an idiot.  These kids are in a totally different world.  Most of their parents can barely afford the car.  83% of my students are on free or reduced lunch, but well over 50% have cell phones.  The good thing is that probably less than 50% of the students at my school get taken to school by their parents.  Most live within walking distance.  They would never ride a bike though.  That’s what poor people do.  And they would rather push their freakin’ car to the gas station to fill it back up than ride a bike.

Times are changing much more quickly than most people realize.  Here are a few of my predictions:

1.  By summer of ’09, cheap gas will be $6 a gallon.

2.  Food prices will be about 15% higher by summer ’09.

3.  Fewer than 30% of the students at my school will have cell phones next year due to the fact that their parents will not be able to afford them.

4.  Crime rates in Northeast El Paso will will double by summer ’09.  This will be due to gas theft, car jackings, muggings, and petty theft so people can buy more gas.

5.  Bike thefts….something that is almost unheard of around here (this is due to the fact that riding a bike makes you look poor and most people are too lazy or scared to ride one)….will increase significantly by summer ’09.  The local bike shops here don’t get their sweet bikes stolen.  They get their office broken into and ransacked until they find the money drawer with a couple hundred dollars in it.  Never mind that $5,000 Trek Madone or $6,000 Titus Carbon Racer-X.  Petty thieves are pretty clueless on that stuff around here.

Those are just a few things I think will start to become more common.  It will actually be a good thing if bikes become a commodity in this town.  What the dirt poor don’t realize is that walking is for chumps.  If they were smart they would have cobbled together the junk parts from all those shitty Mongoose walmart christmas bikes and made something that would have at least gotten them to the bus stop.

Mr. President….the Saudis CAN’T pump oil faster.  They are pumping it as fast as they can.  And only a fool would sell it for less and try to produce less.  If I owned an oil field, I wouldn’t sell any of it yet.  I’d wait a couple more years for it to hit about $300 a barrel.  Then I’d sell it.  Of course, our government would probably spend about $250 a barrel to steal that $300 barrel via a war (theft) for my oil.

Hell yeah I rode my bike to work today…and it hit 101 degrees.  It was my birthday!  Why would I want to drive my car on my birthday?  What fools!  Screw all of you stupid fools for thinking that those of us who ride a bike to work are “crazy”.  Putting that gas pump in that dirty little hole in your car and driving all about town at $3.65 for the cheep stuff…….that’s crazy.


Last night I remember pulling blankets out from under the dog so I could keep warm.  Jenn had warned me that we may have rain, but I was skeptical.  Lots of clouds have passed us since Thanksgiving, and none have given us any moisture.

Not that this storm gave our yard much moisture, but it was absolutely one of the best days in May that we’ve ever had!  It never got much over 65 today and the sun was nowhere to be seen.

These pics are from the morning dog walk…..

I think Luna is wondering what those big grey things are up there.  It’s 6:30 am and I’m usually sporting sunglasses.

Jen ended up riding right through that baby on her way to school!  She called me to let me know she got soaked on her way in.  She was really excited about it, but bummed she didn’t have fenders.

After school we went up to Heinrich and took some single track up to the Tin Mine loop.  This is where the new trail from the loop up to the windmill will start.  It’s going to work it’s way around the contour and should provide an excellent adventure for the El Paso mountain biker.  I can’t wait to start working on this puppy!

This is the first one of these we’ve seen this season.  It’s our state reptile.  Last year I remember hauling butt near the same area and seeing a big rock in the trail.  Right about the time I was going to steer around it, it split up and ran off in two directions.  The rock was actually two horny toads who were quite horny and decided to copulate right in the middle of the trail.  I still haven’t figured out quite what to do to get them to bleed from their eyes.  I’m not sure I’m willing to torment one enought for that to happen.

Sorry if I made you check back here a dozen times trying to see if I updated my Gila report.  I was waiting on a card reader so I could download pics from my phone to my laptop.  My phone’s pics are pretty low quality, but I’m not too disappointed in the way they turned out.

I loaded up the mutt into the 25 year old Benzo….no A/C, no stereo, no cruise…and tried to keep it between 75 and 80 – preferably in the draft of a semi.  I got to Silver City in about 2 1/2 hours.  Not bad.  Jen had the rig parked at some doctors house where her friends were crashing for the week.  It was a nice place for sure.

Here’s a little llama farm near the doc’s house.

Jen had called me the night before day 1 to let me know she was blowing ass with a seriouso case of the runs.  Nothing I could do for her.  She avoided the major crashes to finish with the pack way down in 34th.  She was kind of pissed.  First off because she’s always done well on Mogollon and second off because her teammate Kathy Sherwin broke her thumb in one of the crashes.  Kathy took off to Phoenix to have a doctor set her thumb in a cast.

Jen’s second day was pretty good at building her confidence since she got in the main break that got away on the descent.  They got swallowed up later, but no major happenings.  Day 3 brought the TT and Jen threw on a 54t, aero bars, and a disc wheel to finish 18th.  That moved her up to 24th overall.  She was stoked.

I arrived the evening after the TT and she was pretty excited.  She didn’t race until 2 on Saturday, so that left me to some ride time on the Continental Divide.  Afer breakfast and reconverting her bike back to a real road bike, I took off towards the mountains.  No map….just a good sense of direction and about 5 hours to play.

I hooked up with the CDT off of Gomez Peak and headed north towards Signal Peak.  I’ve heard stories about the difficulty of the Gila and I’ve ridden the portion of CDT north of Signal Peak, so I wasn’t suprised to find a bunch of crappy trail that hadn’t been used much.  When I got to the pavement of the little road that goes from Pinos Altos to the Gila Cliff dwellings, I decided take the pave to the road that goes to the top of Signal Peak.  On the way I got passed by two of the Tecos boys but was able to use their draft for about 15 minutes.  That kind of smoked me, but it saved me some time. 

I climbed the road to just below signal peak and hopped back on the CDT to ride a pretty sick descent back to the pave in Pinos Altos.  The first 3.5 miles were off camber with about 3 inches of new pine needles on top.  Luckily I was rolling the Stout up front so I didn’t slide around much.  The last 3.5 miles sucked as it was rock garden after rock garden.  My arms were starting to feel hot and I remembered that I hadn’t put on any sunscreen.   Whoops.

I ended up making it into town about 2 laps into Jen’s crit.  I scored me a fat burrito from some hippie grocery store and put myself in spectator mode.  I ended up getting a couple of good pics.

Jen finished with the pack and on the final day finished 11th to move up to 15th overall in GC.  I think she was the most improved over the week and was able to walk home with 4 times as much money as she did when she finished 9th five years ago.  I was able to do another ride on the CDT (Pinos Altos to Gomez Peak and back into town to fetch the Benzo) and make it back right after Jen finished.  It was definitely a good weekend.

Enjoy the pics from my mediocre camera phone.  I’m hoping for a real digi-cam for my birthday!

Here’s a view from the CDT looking northwest.

Here’s the stamp of approval.

Why does my beater bike always want to take breaks against trees?

The beater bike taking a break next to a tree.

Gord Frasier and Henk Vogels before the final stage.  Henk says he has to sleep on his back.  He’s a true hardman!

There’s Jen hanging at the back.

Those are some nice rear ends!