Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I haven’t felt very inspired to write lately.  The new job is quite challenging and I’ve kind of given up on my thesis.  I need to work something out on that and maybe change it to a project where I don’t have to deal with human subjects and I can have something to show for the time and money I spent in school.

This weekend was supposed to be the High Altitude Classic in Cloudcroft, NM.  Last year I almost had the overall win due to an untimely flat tire for NM honch Damien Calvert.  He ended up borrowing stuff from his teammates so he could finish and he caught and passed me about a mile from the finish.  I let him have the win….(though I’m not sure why).  I could have had im dq’d and he even offered to be dq’d.  I told him, “Whatever.” 

This year the promotors of the HAC were having some family/health problems and they cancelled the race.  It’s been cracklin’ dry up there too and there are all kinds of fire restrictions.  Jen is leaving Tuesday to do the Gila, so we stuck around here to take care of household chores.  It was good timing as the temps have been unseasonably cool.

Last weekend put the hurt on me as I was just getting over being sick.  I won both the XC and HC, but the HC kicked my ass.  I was doing so well until about 2/3 into the climb.  My 21t wasn’t big enough.  The 22 would have been the ticket.  I bet I would have been top 5 overall if I had run it.  Turns out I finished 11th overall.  I picked up an Ned Overend autographed Team Specialized jersey.  Kind of cool!

If I ever open a bike shop, I’ll have over 30 cool dope jerseys to hang around the place.  Jen scored lots of leader’s jerseys from her road racing days plus a few NMORS winners jerseys.  I hope to get the NMORS SS jersey this year.  I’ll have to win every race I do.

Anyway….here are a couple of pics from the Tour of Socorro in New Mexico.  The hill weather was incredible for this event with overcast skies during the XC and sunny skies for the hill climb.  The top was beautiful and not too cold.

This is the top of the climb.  I’m so glad they brought the truck with all our gear all the way to the top.  You can see the finish people in their winter clothes.

This is the observatory building that you can see in the background of the previous photo.  For some reason they had awards here.  Next time I hope they take all that back down the mountain where it’s nice and warm and there are picnic tables and shade.

The night before the XC we scored a sweet spot near the start.  At 2 am somebody went past us and ended up getting stuck.  Hey guys….next time scout it out before you take your lowrider off the main road.

My XC race was only 2 laps.  Jen’s was 3, so I waited a few minutes for here to come through and joined her on her last lap.  She was running a 19t as opposed to my 18t, but she tore it up.  I can’t believe how much she rips on her SS.  I’m going to have to get a new frame as my BB is way too high and it doesn’t handle well through turns.  I was getting caught in the twisty stuff.  I think I’ll see how much it will cost for Titus to build me up something like they had at Sea Otter.  Except I’d pass on the seat mast as it would never fit in an airline box.  I’m thinking the same geo as the Specialized 29er hardtail with Paragon sliders in the rear.  If they’ll do the BB30 and the Isogrid as well, I’ll go for it.  Am I spoiled?