Believe it or not…..Travis Brown showed up in El Paso to race the Coyote Classic.  He loved it and said the trails were kick ass!  Take that you fools that kept talking shit on us and didn’t want to come down here to race!

 Damien Calvert beat him.  Damien has been on fire the past couple of seasons.  It’s good that he gets to race against guys like Ned and Damien every now and then.

The Coyote drew in 160 racers….most of whom I had to pass as they started the SS category behind the entire sport field.  I think it was close to 100 sport racers.  I threw down some balls scary passes and even crashed through one turn.   I passed people the entire race.  It was a bit frustrating, but good practice.

Jen lost a horst pivot bolt (even after I loctite’d the thing in there) and had to walk a couple of miles.  After returning to our trailer, she put in another bolt, refueled and completed the entire course for third place.  A bit bummed she was, but glad to be getting the bugs worked out now.  It’s a bit frustrating when you know you’ve done all the right things for prepping bikes and something stupid like that happens. 

Not many people showed up to the BMBA tent.  That was a bit dissapointing.  It may be that people just want the social aspect of a club.  If the trails disappear, then there will be fewer places to hold those social rides.