I finally got out on one of the new WTB tires today.  Three and half hours of pavement, sand, gravel, rocks, rocks on top of rocks, more rocks, and a little cactus.  Did I mention rocks?

Riding in El Paso demands tires that can resist sidewall cuts, big thorns, and sharp rocks that can puncture the center of the tire casing.  I took the Stout out for a spin today mounted up to the WTB Dual Duty rim up front.  Since I was going to be putting in about 45 minutes on the pavement, I left the ExiWolf on the rear.  The knobs on the Stout are huge and widely spaced.  So I ran the tire at a bit higher pressure than normal.  Probably around 35 psi.  I don’t like to run a grippy tire with low pressure as they tend to get squirmy and can cause some Stan’s burpage in hard cornering or when negotiating some of our infamous rock washes.


This tire is pretty good.  Despite the 900+ gram weight, it rolled well on the pavement.  It’s super hairy with all the little rubber things sticking out, so I could tell it was not very efficient in the air resistance department.  Geoff Kabush is a big proponent of running low tread tires in order to reduce air resistance over the knobs. 

I was relentless on this tire today and pushed it hard.  It never lost grip except on some large gravel/small rocks that started to roll as I leaned the tire.  I think it might do even better on the rear, especially for single speeding.  It has a lot of bite.

So for those looking for big traction, the Stout is a good choice.  If WTB were to beef this tire up a bit more in the casing, I would point to this tire as a good choice for downhill racing on the 29er.